Frequently Asked Questions

How is God Choice A2 Cultured Ghee better than regular ghee?

God Choice A2 Cultured Ghee is crafted through the ancient Vedic Bilona process, ensuring minimal processing and small-batch production without any additives or preservatives. In contrast, regular ghee is mass-produced in large factories using creamery butter sourced from various suppliers, leading to a loss of original flavor and characteristics during extensive processing.

What does A2 ghee mean?

A2 refers to a beneficial beta-casein protein present in the milk of native Indian cows and buffalos. Research indicates that A2 proteins offer significant health benefits to the human body.

What is the Bilona process?

The Bilona process is an ancient traditional Indian technique for ghee production. In this method, A2 cow milk is heated, allowed to cool, and a spoonful of curd is introduced, left at room temperature overnight. The resulting curd is churned to separate butter (Makkhan), which is then heated to remove water content, extracting milk solids and pure ghee. This meticulous process is conducted in small batches to preserve purity, aroma, and taste.