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Cow Ghee 500 ML + Mustard flower Honey 400 GM

Cow Ghee 500 ML + Mustard flower Honey 400 GM

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Product Description

A2 Desi Cow Ghee:

The fresh high-fat milk of native varieties of cows is boiled and allowed to cool naturally. A small amount of farm-made curd is added to the warm milk and allowed to settle overnight to make the curd. Early morning the curd is churned to get the fresh Makhan, which is cooked on medium flame to obtain the 100% natural and aromatic cultured ghee.

Mustard Flower Honey:

During the winter season, mustard is the crop of choice in northern India. The intense yellow-coloured mustard flowers begin to bloom in the month of December and continue to blossom till the fall of March. Our bees forage around the mustard fields to collect the nectar and pollen of these flowers to create unique creamy crystallized honey.


100% natural and pure.
This product is free from additives, fillers, or preservatives.
It has the original aroma and flavour.
It is made in small batches in the traditional way.
Crystallization is a sign of pure unprocessed honey, so keep the jar in warm water for crystals to melt.
Honey should not be given to infants under 12 months.
Pollen may cause allergy in some rare cases.

Frequently Asked Questions

How God choice A2 cultured ghee is better than regular ghee?

God choice A2 cultured ghee is made by adopting the ancient Vedic Bilona process. This ghee is minimally processed and is made in small batches. No additives or preservatives are added to the product.
Whereas, regular ghee is made in large factories on an industrial scale in which creamery butter is purchased in bulk from different suppliers. The highly processed ghee so obtain loses its original flavor, taste, and other characteristics.

What is Bilona process?

Bilona is an ancient traditional Indian technique for producing ghee. In this method, A2 Cow milk is heated and then allowed to cool. A spoonful of curd is introduced into the milk and left at room temperature overnight. The curd is later churned to separate butter (Makkhan) from it. This butter is then heated to remove the water content, resulting in the extraction of milk solids and pure ghee. This process is done in small batches to maintain it purity, aroma, & taste.

What is mono floral honey?

The honey which is created by our bees from the nectar of a single flower is called mono floral honey.
Our honey is mono floral honey and has been created form the nectar of Mustard flowers.

What is unpasteurized honey?

The raw honey contains about 180 types of different bio-active and other compounds. During pasteurization process, the honey is heated at 80°C thereby killing a large number of bio-active compounds.
Our honey is not pasteurized and is therefore is full of naturally occurring bio-active compounds, antioxidants, antimicrobial molecules and other nutrients.

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Honey & Ghee Excellent Combination 😘

Must Have. And discount also in combo.