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A2 Desi Cow Ghee | Curd Churned

A2 Desi Cow Ghee | Curd Churned

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  • Native cow milk
  • Curd churned
  • Additive free
  • Healthy fats
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The fresh high-fat milk from native cows is boiled and then allowed to cool naturally. A small amount of farm-made curd is added to the warm milk and left to settle overnight to make curd. Early in the morning, the curd is churned to obtain fresh makhan (butter), which is then cooked over medium flame to produce 100% natural and aromatic cultured ghee. This traditional method is followed in small batches using milk from grass-fed native cows, known for their beneficial A2 protein.

  • 500+ Farmers Empowered

  • Minimally Processed

  • Additive Free

Multiple Benefits


    A2 cow ghee's rich moisturizing properties make it an effective remedy for dry skin, providing nourishment and enhancing skin hydration.


    A2 cow ghee contains immune-boosting nutrients, such as vitamin E and antioxidants, supporting a healthy immune system.


    A2 cow ghee contains heart-healthy fats, such as omega-3 fatty acids, which may contribute to cardiovascular health by supporting cholesterol balance and reducing inflammation.


    Applying cow ghee to hair and scalp helps nourish and strengthen hair, preventing dryness.

Frequently Asked Questions

God choice A2 cultured ghee is made by adopting the ancient Vedic Bilona process. This ghee is minimally processed and is made in small batches. No additives or preservatives are added to the product.

Whereas, regular ghee is made in large factories on an industrial scale in which creamery butter is purchased in bulk from different suppliers. The highly processed ghee so obtain loses its original flavor, taste, and other characteristics.

A2 is a beta-casein protein found in the milk of native cows and native buffalos of India. As per the research papers A2 proteins is highly beneficial for the human body.

Bilona is an ancient traditional Indian technique for producing ghee. In this method, A2 Cow milk is heated and then allowed to cool. A spoonful of curd is introduced into the milk and left at room temperature overnight. The curd is later churned to separate butter (Makkhan) from it. This butter is then heated to remove the water content, resulting in the extraction of milk solids and pure ghee. This process is done in small batches to maintain it purity, aroma, & taste.

When ghee is prepared through the traditional bilona process, it may exhibit a slightly granular texture with small to medium-sized soft grains. This characteristic is not a flaw but rather a sign of authenticity in traditionally made ghee. The granular texture is a result of the unique method of churning, where butter is extracted from cultured milk using a wooden churner. This process retains certain milk solids in the ghee, contributing to its distinctive texture. It is important to note that this granular quality does not compromise the purity of the ghee; instead, it signifies the use of traditional methods and the absence of additives or chemicals in the production process.

Customer Reviews

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Nisha Singh

This ghee is rich and aromatic, adding depth to all my dishes.

Nishka Patel

This ghee is delicious and versatile, perfect for all types of cooking.

Niyati Verma

The heavenly flavor of this ghee makes every dish taste divine. Absolutely love it!

Naman Sharma

Every drop of this ghee is filled with goodness. A must-have in every kitchen!

Navya Patel

This ghee has a superior quality that results in a superior taste. Love it!