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Chyawanprash | Immunity Booster | Metabolic Tonic

Chyawanprash | Immunity Booster | Metabolic Tonic

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Product Description

God Choice Chawanprash has been made in an artisan manner in small batches from native variety of Amalas and 32 medicinal ayurvedic herbs using our own farm made A2 cultured ghee and raw Himalyan Forest Honey. This handmade metabolic tonic has been prepared in iron woks to keep the nutrition and medicinal value of the precious herbs intact.

Why to choose God Choice Chawanprash

Made from fresh handpicked desi amlas.
Authentic native ayurvedic herbs used.
Nourished with A2 cultured ghee and raw Himalayan Forest Honey.
Hand made in small batches in iron wok.


It is completely natural product.
No additives
No artificial preservatives
No synthetic fillers, or binders

What are the Benefits

Anti-aging Tonic: Chawanprash is an anti-aging tonic in Ayurveda. Regular consumption is believed to promote overall vitality and slow down the aging process.
Boost Immunity: Chawanprash boosts the immune system. It contains a variety of herbs and ingredients, such as Amla (Indian gooseberry), which is powerful antioxidant. These components can help enhance the body's natural defense mechanisms against infections and diseases.
Good for digestion: The herbs in Chawanprash aid digestion. Consuming Chawanprash on a daily basis may help regulate digestion.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Difference between God Choice Chawanprash and Commercial Chawanprash?

God Choice Chawanprash is handmade with native variety Amlas and authentic Ayurvedic herbs, using A2 Cow Ghee, and it is also enriched with raw forest Himalayan honey. In contrast, many commercial Chawanprash products are machine-made using less expensive ingredients, and some may even contain corn syrup.

What is the role of pure cow ghee in making of chawanprash?

The large number of valuable herbs possesses numerous properties such as immunomodulatory and antioxidant effects, and they also provide support for digestive and respiratory health. According to Ayurveda, the bioavailability of these compounds increases when used in conjunction with ghee from native cows. However, many commercial brands that produce Chawanprash on a large-scale use buffalo ghee, which may reduce the potency of these precious herbs.
At God Choice, we are using A2 cultured ghee produced on our farm. This maximizes the potency of the herbs in our Chawanprash, making it a premium metabolic and anti-aging tonic.

What is the role of pure raw honey in making of chawanprash?

Honey possesses antimicrobial and antioxidant properties, while Chawanprash is traditionally used to boost the immune system and promote overall well-being. Combining these two ingredients can create a synergistic effect, enhancing the potential health benefits of the final product.
When honey is used alongside the herbal preparations in Chawanprash, it elevates the medicinal quality of the preparation and enables it to penetrate deeper into the body's tissues.
In the production of Chawanprash, we use God Choice Raw Himalayan Forest Honey from the Kumaon region of the Himalayas. Our honey is 100% pure, raw, unfiltered and unpasteurized honey with more bee pollen count.

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Good Choice for Health

Good Choice if you take care yours health

kamal singh

Chawanprash is better than market