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Frequently Asked Questions

Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) testing is an analytical tool utilized to assess the authenticity of honey. It is considered one of the most effective methods for detecting adulteration in honey. NMR can also be employed to trace the origin of honey through bee pollen profiling.

Yes, all the batches of our honey are tested for NMR profiling by Bruker BioSpin, which is based in Germany.

The term "monofloral" indicates that the honey comes from a single floral source. The monofloral quality of honey, facilitates the traceability of its origin, as it allows consumers and producers to identify the specific floral variety from which the bee’s collected nectar. This traceability is most valuable aspect in assessing the authenticity and quality of honey.

Yes our honey are monofloral. We have varieties of monofloral honey like: mustard flower honey, lychee flower honey, acaia flower honey and eucalyptus flower honey.