God choice began as an endeavour amongst friends and family to eat and live healthily. What began as a hobby, turned into a venture to create an affordable and healthy lifestyle for all. Flash forward, to the present, God Choice is one of the sought-after brands in India that produces organic and natural products. Alwar City, in Rajasthan, is where all the magic happens and the organic kitchen is situated. We are certified by the Government of India and the magic is not limited to the kitchen as we also produce our crops and herbs on our 10-acre organic farm near Delhi while encouraging and training the farmers who have joined hands with us to practice organic farming without using harmful chemicals and pesticides.

Unlike other brands, we do not believe in the mass production of our produce. From our cultured ghee to Ayurvedic Chyawanprash, or any other product, all are made in small batches using traditional methods. Each product is additive-free, ethically sourced, and minimally processed. Every bite you take has a story of passion, sustainability, and a shared vision for a healthier future. Join us on this journey of restoration and nourishment.

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  • Monofloral Raw Honey - The Elixir of Life

    God Choice honey is sourced exclusively from a single type of flower, ensuring that no two types of honey are mixed, allowing for easy

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  • A2 Desi Cow Ghee - Taste of Heaven

    Ghee made from A2 cow milk is considered the essence of the milk. In ancient Indian scriptures, ghee was referred to as the 'Food of the Gods.'

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  • Secrets of Chyawanprash Revealed: A Journey Through History!

    The story behind Chyawanprash indeed revolves around the sage Chyawan and his quest for a rejuvenating tonic.

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Voice of the Customers



Dr Gagandeep Gupta

Fortis Hospital (Mohali)

I have been using the A2 Cow Ghee from God Choice Organic Farms. It is a wonderful product, and my family loves this ghee. Made through the traditional curd churning process, which enhances its nutritional value and makes it beneficial for a healthy gut and immune system.

As a bone and joint replacement doctor, I have recommended it to my patients, and they are also happy with this ghee.

Dr Anjana Kalia

Dietitian (Delhi)

As an Ayurvedic Doctor and nutritionist, I always advocate for high-quality health products. Recently, I discovered God Choice's A2 Cow Ghee, made through the traditional curd churning method in small batches. Its homemade ghee-like aroma, taste, and texture captivated me.

Now, I enthusiastically recommend it to all my patients, as well as friends and acquaintances.


Yoga Teacher (Chandigarh)

As an experienced yoga teacher, I had recently observed both myself and some of my students feeling unusually tired after our sessions. A friend suggested trying God Choice's Chyawanprash. After a month of use, I've noticed a significant increase in energy levels, and my students have reported the same. It's given fantastic results. I've been using it for several months now. This Chyawanprash, made with desi amlas and medicinal herbs, not only tastes great but also appears to be highly effective.

If you're looking for a pure, natural Ayurvedic Chyawanprash, I highly recommend giving God Choice a try.

Arushi Gaur


Undoubtedly, this is the best ghee I've ever tried among the various ghee brands. "God Choice Cow Ghee" is made from A2 Milk. It has a unique, authentic aroma and taste, as it has been prepared according to the traditional bilona process. This A2 Ghee is 100% natural and free from additives, fillers, or preservatives.

Bajrang Prasad


I used various brands of cold-pressed cooking oil but was shocked to discover that most of them sell expeller-extracted oil, which is evidently not truly cold-pressed. I have now switched to GCOF wood-pressed oils, which are 100% cold-pressed and, additionally, certified organic.

Shashi Thapliyal


God Choice wood pressed cooking oil is my first choice since it stands out as the best among heart healthy oils because it is produced in wooden kohlus in small batches. It undergo a single filtration process and is superior to refined oil since it retains more nutrients and doesn't require bleaching or deodorization.



The team is dedicated to providing high-quality organic products, and their commitment to customer satisfaction is evident. From farm to table, their products showcase a genuine passion for organic farming. I highly recommend God Choice for those seeking premium organic goods and a company with integrity.

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