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Organic Groundnut Oil| Wood Pressed |Single-Filtered

Organic Groundnut Oil| Wood Pressed |Single-Filtered

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Difference between refined Oils & cold pressed Oils?

Refined oils are odour free & flavour free oils with larger shelf life, These oils undergo various chemical processes like degumming, bleaching & deodorization at very high temperature of 200 - 240°C . The Refined oils are devoid of natural Nutrients and have a very unhealthy fat ratio which increases the bad cholesterol in the body.
Whereas, our cold pressed Groundnut Oil is extracted by pressing and grinding the organic oil seeds in the wooden kohlus at less than 50°C temperature and filtering the oil only once. The process is carried out in small batches. The oil so produced has healthy fats & retains its natural flavor, color, vitamins, nutrients, and minerals.

Wood pressed oil or Expeller oil, which is 100% cold pressed oil?

An expeller is a mechanical machine with a steel pressing device that exerts high pressure on seeds at elevated temperatures, resulting in lower-quality oil compared to wood-pressed oil.
In contrast, oil extracted in wooden kohlus is of much superior quality because the wooden device exerts lower pressure (below 50°C) on the seeds and generates significantly less heat, thus preventing the spoilage of any vitamins and antioxidants in their natural form.

Is your Oil Organic and Residue-Free?

Yes, our oil is 100% organic and free from harmful residual chemicals.
The unbroken organic certification chain is maintained from beginning to the end i.e., from the farms to the processing facility and up to the packing unit.
 It is certified organic by Rajasthan State Organic Certification Agency under accreditation no. NPOP/NAB/0013.

Does God Choice Oil have more nutrients and vitamins than the refined oil?

Yes, God choice cold pressed groundnut oil have more nutrients and vitamins that the refined oil as our oil is unrefined, unbleached, single filtered and extracted at low temperature as compared to refined oil which are treated with chemicals and acids at very high temperature.

Customer Reviews

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Smooth, flavorful, and organic – this groundnut oil is a winner! It's light enough for everyday cooking yet packs a punch of nuttiness that takes my recipes to the next level. I highly recommend it to fellow food enthusiasts.